An Introduction & What You Can Expect

Here’s the deal: My name is Laura Hutchinson. I’m an Irish mother, wife, blogger, YouTuber, and aspiring minimalist. I’m just about to move to Cincinnati, Ohio (my husband’s company is based there) so I want to document my new adventure and my progress to becoming one of the world’s top bloggers and motivational speakers.

I also just want a space to share the thoughts and topics that don’t fit into my main blog,, and to scratch the constant itch to write and create.

What can you expect?
> Personal and behind-the-scenes stories about what’s going on in my life;
> how I’m finding life in America;
> random things I’m interested in (mainly books, tech and all things digital); and
> advice on growing a content creation business and all that entails (including new updates across various social media platforms and some digital marketing tips).

Oh, and probably occasional swearing.

When can you expect it?
Frankly, whenever I have the time and inclination. No set schedule yet. Things will be hectic around the move and I’ve no desire to add another deadline or demand to my task list. This will mainly be a hobby for me. An online journal and documentation of my life.

Who’s it for?
If you’re already following my main blog or YouTube channel and want to learn a little more about the woman behind the HowToGYST business, you’ll probably enjoy my personal journey.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in a career in content creation or just have a fascination with digital and social media marketing, you’ll find some helpful information and interesting articles herein.

Bookworms will also be more than welcome as I’ll be doing regular book reviews. (I usually read 3-4 books a month.)

That’s it for now. I’ll pop back in when I can. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments below and say how you found me.


4 thoughts on “An Introduction & What You Can Expect

  1. Emma-Louise says:

    Yay cannot wait. I feel like I’m on a journey with you x

    1. Laura says:

      Hoping to get a new vlog up tomorrow! Have been vlogging OODLES, and sharing loads on Instagram stories too. =)

      Thanks for following along, Em. x

      (P.S. It occurs to me that you may hate being called Em. What do you prefer to be called?)

  2. Anne Larrabee says:

    I love following your life journey. Who knew it would bring you to the States? Welcome!

    Elmira, NY

    1. Laura says:

      Thank you, Anne! Certainly not something I foresaw for myself, but here I am. =)

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